Meet us!

Sabrina and Ariana are the sisters and co-hosts behind Cavos Paros, who have spent time lovingly renovating this apartment into a discerning traveler’s dream. As young girls, Sabrina and Ariana spent many summers in Greece with their family, which has always given them a strong connection to the people, the land, and the culture. Initially looking for an escape from busy and often hectic London. Sabrina had come to Paros last summer to work remotely while refocusing on herself and connecting to the beautiful atmosphere of the island and its extremely friendly people. 

During her stay, Sabrina overheard a conversation between locals suggesting the availability for sale of a beautiful property and made it her mission to find out more. Soon, Sabrina went to see the property to find that it was love at first sight! Sabrina called her sister to tell her about it, and the rest, as they say, is history! 

Although the property had fallen into disrepair, both sisters saw its natural beauty and its potential to be a true paradise for visitors from all over the world. With Sabrina’s connection with the locals and both sister’s passion for design, the sisters have revived the property together. Their goal has always been to retain the original beauty of the space while modernizing it to maximize their guests’ experience and create a true home away from home.