Cavos Paros Veranda

Step into the charming world of the Cavos Paros Veranda apartment which includes a Cyclades style kitchen, where rustic elegance meets natural simplicity.

Crafted entirely from warm wood, this kitchen exudes a timeless appeal that transports you to the idyllic Greek islands. The custom-made handles, fashioned from smooth pebbles handpicked from the Paros shores, add a unique touch that blends seamlessly with the Cyclades- chic aesthetic.

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A refundable deposit is charged in the amount of 200€, which will be returned back after the stay if there is no damage and equipment loss in the apartment.

Equipped with modern amenities, the kitchen boasts an inviting oven ready to conjure delectable culinary delights, a sleek stove for precision cooking, and a full-size fridge to keep your ingredients fresh and at hand. A trusty toaster stands ready to crisply toast your favorite bread, while a sophisticated coffee maker promises to brew the perfect cup to kickstart your mornings.

Embracing functionality, the space also houses a collection of kitchen essentials, thoughtfully arranged to enhance your culinary adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, this Cyclades style kitchen offers an enchanting sanctuary where you can unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in the pleasures of gastronomy.