Discover Paros

Welcome to the beautiful island of Paros, a gem nestled in the Cyclades archipelago in Greece. Whether you’re a beach lover, a food enthusiast, or a partygoer, Paros has something to offer everyone. Let’s take a tour of some must-see places and experiences on this picturesque island!

Parikia – A Charming Main Town:
Parikia, the main town and gateway to Paros, welcomes you with its winding streets adorned with shops and boutiques. Enjoy a delightful shopping experience at budget-friendly prices compared to Naoussa. Don’t miss the stunning sunset at Bebop and their delightful sushi. For authentic Greek cuisine, head to Taverna Mouragio, and later in the evening, soak in the lively atmosphere at Pirate Bar.

Pristine Beaches:
Paros boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the Cyclades. Must-visit ones include upscale beach clubs like Marcello and Cabana for luxury and relaxation. For a more affordable option, head to Krios Beach to bask under the warm Greek sun. Enjoy a slice of paradise with crystal-clear waters at Santa Maria or explore the secluded coves at Monastiri Beach. Don’t miss the fascinating rock formations at Kolymbythres Beach or the boho spot, Magaya, for a beachside lunch with Asian flavors. Indulge in delicious sushi and more at Arodo Restaurant, or opt for a sheltered beach day at Lageri Wind. Savor local cuisine at Siparos Restaurant.

Discover Aliki – A Charming Fishing Village:
Aliki offers a tranquil setting with restaurants overlooking the water. Must-visit dining spots include Restaurant Thalassamou and Balkony to Aki, known for mouthwatering seafood dishes. At Balkony tou Aki, try the Tuna Carpaccio, Grilled Red Prawns, Deep-Fried Zucchini, and flavorful Lamb Chops while enjoying a mesmerizing waterfront view. Vegans will love Hello Mango for fresh breakfast, smoothies, and delicious salads.

Vibrant Naoussa – Shop, Dine, and Party:
Naoussa is a must-visit destination for its vibrant atmosphere. Explore the shops, catch a mesmerizing sunset, and relish delectable dinners. Barbarossa Restaurant is famous for its lively dinner and party ambiance. For a relaxing afternoon drink, visit “Come Back Bar” at the charming harbor. Enjoy the party vibes at Agosta Bar and Linardo.

Explore Lefkes – A Traditional Greek Mountain Village:
Head to Lefkes, a charming Greek mountain village, to experience the island’s authentic culture. Take leisurely walks around the village and indulge in a delicious lunch at Agiazi. Don’t miss trying the local wine by the kilo, along with warm bread and tzatziki. Save room for the best orange cake you’ll ever taste!

Off the Beaten Path – Wine Tasting and More:
For a unique experience, visit Katikia for wine tasting. This lovely farmer welcomes you with wine and snacks, and the price is by donation. You’ll surely cherish this unique experience.

Top Tip:
Most local tavernas offer excellent house wine by the kilo, providing a budget-friendly way to enjoy quality wine. Naoussa might be an exception due to its popularity.

Explore Antiparos – A Short Boat Ride Away:
Take a quick boat ride to Antiparos from Punta. Marvel at the amazing caves and stalagmites, and experience the vibrant atmosphere at La Luna Club. For a delightful dining experience, visit Captain Pipinos Restaurant.

Your adventure in Paros promises unforgettable moments, from serene beaches and charming villages to lively towns and delectable dining. Enjoy your time exploring this Greek paradise!